I just received my first box and I wanted to let you know how impressed I was. It was so fresh and generous in size. Thanks again!!

- Chevonne

Good evening! I just got home and my box was waiting for me, nice and safe. Just want to say thanks ever so much - not only is the box with the additional food in it great, but some of the best customer service I've experienced. I'm pretty glad that I've come to the Box Fresh family, looking forward to always ordering from you guys. THANK YOU!!!

- Leah

I am absolutely loving my delightful box of fruit and veggies – thanks you so much. I’m sure you won’t mind that I’ve told a few people about your wonderful product! I also loved your banana bread recipe - delicious! Have a great week.

- Janelle

Thank your for this weeks colourful full box. Sitting down to a lunch of cold pumpkin, sage n pine nut risotto, green fresh baby spinach bits, yellow orange n red capsicum ends - they look like stars lying only plate. To complete the rainbow, there's a purple, baby eggplant eggplant on the table decoration to inspire me to do something delicious with it. Yum!

- Adele

Hi Greg, I just wanted to say a huge thanks for the flexibility, friendliness and awesome quality. I'm a busy working mum with three strapping lads and no time to mess about (I don't even have time to write this). I've tried quite a few delivery companies in my search for great produce and yours tops the list. But the biggest win for me has been your flexibility and willingness to help. It's easy to forget that there a real people involved when the whole process is computer automated, but, in everything I've experienced with Boxfresh, it feels like genuine customer care is alive and well. A rare thing these days. So once again thank you from a ridiculously busy mum, who likes to cook fresh. Keep it up guys!

- Tricia

Dear Gregory and Mikala, I received my first fruit and veg box from you today. I am SO impressed. The quality is fantastic but also the variety of produce included is terrific. Thank you. I will become a regular and will spread the word.

- Briony

We have been having our fruit and veg box delivered for about 7 weeks now and I wanted to pass on my thanks and praise to you and your team. We are really impressed with the quality and variety of produce that we are receiving. We were unsure at first how this process would work for us but have been pleasantly surprised with how good it really is. Thanks.

- Rachel