About our produce

Is your produce locally sourced?

Our produce is locally sourced where possible. Potatoes and onions always come from South Australia as the soil is better, bananas are from QLD of course, we get our Avocados and kiwis from New Zealand, but that's the only time we go offshore.  Weather is the main reason we go interstate. VIC is our next stop if NSW isn't giving us what we need. Local is cheaper so we are always going to favour if the quality is there.

What if I'm not satisfied with an order?

We offer money back plus if you’re not happy. We will give you 120% credit for anything you wouldn't pick up yourself. 

How will I know what's in the box for the next week?

Box contents are published every Friday lunch time for the week ahead.

Can I specify products I never want to be in my box?

Yes you can add a comprehensive list of NEVER SENDS and LOVES to ensure a well loved box with no waste each time.


Is the cost of delivery extra or included?

We offer FREE DELIVERY with a minimum order of $38 (some rural areas will require an additional fee but the first order will not include this we will contact you if need be). Gifts are sent with a $15 flat rate delivery fee.

Can I choose my delivery day and time?

We have two methods of getting you your boxes: either our drivers or a courier service. If you require a smaller window or would like to clarify then please give us a ring on 1300 845 710.

What ever time your first delivery arrives, it should be pretty close to the same time each week as our drivers keep to the same route (Unless there is unusual event on the roads).

Deliveries are usually all done by 2pm unless you are a Wednesday delivery and then it will be 4pm. 

Please note we cannot offer a 'call on approach' service sorry.

Office deliveries

We have two delivery runs for offices

  1. The sunrise 4am-7am run. Sorry no exact time can be booked. We require a manned loading dock, building manager or pass (please contact us direct to arrange). If access to your floor is closed we will leave at the base of the lift. If you are comfortable we can leave outside your building. We are happy to try this option at our expense should it go missing as we prefer early drops in the CBD.
  2. RUSH HOUR 7am-12pm. Our busiest runs and for companies who cannot offer early access. Please give us as much information about the drop as possible, including loading zones, delivery dock st entrances (if different) etc. We like to keep the drivers happy, it can be a stressful thing if you're lost in the CBD :)

I haven't received my order, what should I do?

If you have not received your delivery by 6pm please let us know via email. We can send another box out to you the following day to avoid any further delay.

Where can you leave my delivery if I won’t be in?

We can leave it anywhere you like, e.g. outside of the building on the doorstep. We have had some strange requests so don't be shy! It MUST be in the shade though.

How will my delivery stay fresh?

All our deliveries come in styrofoam eskies and the produce is chilled before being packed so as long as it is kept in the shade it will be fine for a 5-6pm reunion with you after work if need be. You may request cardboard during the winter months if you prefer. 


Do I have to sign a contract?

No! We have no contracts.

How do I change my standing order for the following week?

Log in and go into your 'manage my standing orders' tab. Here everything is listed by unit and frequency of delivery. Use the + & - signs to add or reduce what you need. reducing an item to zero is the same as deleting, once you submit it will disappear.

Can I add individual items to my box?

All items listed can be ordered as additions to a box or to make up your own 'customised' box. All our pre-built boxes meet the minimum order value requirement so if you are customising please ensure you make it add up to $38 or more.

Can I skip a week?

Sure in the skip a week tab you can do this easily by just picking the day you wish to skip. NB: Make sure you SUBMIT the change or it wont take effect.

What's the deadline to change an order?

OFFICE: All verbal or email changes to CORPORATE FRUIT BOXES must be in by 5pm the Thursday prior to the next delivery week.

HOME: All verbal or email changes for HOME DELIVERY BOXES must be in by 5pm, 48hrs prior to the next due delivery for the changes to come into effect. You have up until 11:30pm the night before your order is due to amend or cancel a delivery if you use our website. 

Is there a minimum order cost?

Orders under $38 will not be delivered and the order confirmation is not a confirmation of delivery, only of contents added. 
We may automatically delete any small orders or if it is very close to $38, we will contact you to ask you if you would like to add more to it to ensure a delivery. Please note this may subsequently lead to a later delivery date.


What happens with the styrofoam box?
If one of our drivers is delivering to you, leave it out on the day of your next delivery and we'll collect it.

Unfortunately our couriers can't collect boxes. During the hotter months your salads and mushies would just not be any good if we didn't use them. If you want us to use cardboard we are able to from May - October, just email us.

Although it looks super un-eco friendly, we do recycle our boxes to the nth degree where we do the deliveries ourselves. 

Once they get too old for us, we give them to these guys who melt them down and make picture frames out of them! They won a global award for their recycling.


Christmas & NY This year your Box Fresh delivery days will not be affected by the holiday season. Unless you receive your delivery via our Go Logistics courier service. If you do, then apologies but our service is unavailable for the week 26-30 Dec, whilst they close.
NB For these two weeks (19-23 & 26-30 Dec, deadlines for changes and cancellations are brought forward to 11:30pm of the Tuesday of the same week of delivery.   

Public holidays occurring on a Monday will mean your order will be delivered the next working day. You do not need to inform us ,we have holidays too and will be off like yourselves.
Any other public holidays that disrupt our/your standard scheduled delivery we will email you to inform you of your new allocated day. We will ALWAYS deliver and never cancel an order just because it falls on a public holiday.

If you go on holiday
Please use your "skip a week' function in your account. This allows you up to 11:30pm the day before your delivery to cancel an order. You can email us to inform us, please give us the order dates you wish to cancel. Please note we require 48hrs notice for ALL email holiday changes to ensure we get to them in time.


What are the options for payment?

All major cards accepted. AMEX has a 2% surcharge.
30 day accounts avail for corporate fruit boxes.

Need to speak to a real person?

Call us on 1300 845 710