About us

How it all began

Greg Mikala

I arrived here from the UK in 2004 and started work at the Book Kitchen as a chef. One of my weekly tasks was to go to Flemington markets to buy the produce. Over the years I've spent at Flemington I have made useful contacts and friends. Sourcing the best quality for the best price became my passion.

I had met a beautiful girl called Mikala, and my hospitality hours were not suiting our relationship. We put our heads together to come up with a job that would combine all my skills and better suit our life. I took on a night shift position at Flemington markets to gain an insight into the traders and the distribution networks. How would my buying power compete with the likes of Woolworths and Coles? How could I demand quality and service with such a small budget?

I soon realised it wouldn't matter, just like anyone they get satisfaction from seeing happy customers. A large supermarket is a faceless buyer - it doesn’t grin at the smell of truss tomatoes or smile when it smells mango’s like finished desserts. By meeting and getting to know all these sellers I have built up rapport and this was to become the single most important tool in my business.

Mikala would always be excited to see what I had brought home and what I would create with it. We asked around and got good feedback on creating this same service but for others. It looked like we had something that people would love, and we decided we would call it Box Fresh.